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Luxurious Marble Bathroom in Historic Home

The original version of this bathroom was added to the 1895 home in 1916, and had continual problems with freezing and bursting plumbing pipes because it was built over an outside porch. The homeowner desired to make it into a luxurious comfortable room with no plumbing worries. McKinney Home Improvement engineered a climate controlled sub-floor area in which to house modernized freeze-resistant plumbing. We also discovered significant structural issues causing the room to pull away from the main structure by more than three inches over it's 100 year existence. After gutting (during which we removed 12,000 lbs. of material from this 8 x 10 room), We installed new structural beams, joists, and wall framing. We trued, leveled, and squared the room. Then new electrical, plumbing, and climate control were installed before beginning the process of beautifying the space with elegant marble, solid brass fixtures, and a custom vanity. The results are breathtaking! Then, we started the process all over again on a second bathroom over the opposite side of the porch.

Luxurious Marble Bathroom